About the Classroom Time Analysis Tool (CTAT)

Welcome to the National Center on Time & Learning's Classroom Time Analysis Tool (CTAT).

The CTAT tool is a web-based observation tool that helps individual teachers understand how they are using time in their classrooms, and helps schools identify and capture effective time management strategies across classrooms. Schools typically use it as a peer observation tool or to supplement existing school or district classroom walkthrough protocols. The tool is meant for one-on-one use between the observer and the teacher. Observation data will not be used by NCTL or any other entity. All observation information will be cleared once a week on Monday mornings, at 4:30am eastern time.

The CTAT looks at use of classroom time through four broad categories: Teacher-led Time, Student Work Time, Assessment of Student Learning, and Transitions. We recommend that you read and/or print the User’s Guide before using the tool to fully understand these categories and subcategories and to learn how the tool works.

The CTAT tool is a timer based observation tool. While observing a teacher, the observer uses the tool to track each different activity that takes place in the classroom. The tool prompts users to choose a category and subcategory for each activity and includes space for the observer to include notes about the activity. The built-in timing device keeps track of the time spent on each activity. At the end of the observation, the observer has an opportunity to amend any category choices and update their notes if necessary. The CTAT tool will then produce a report showing a detailed break-down of the use of time during the observation period. This report should be shared with the teacher soon after the observation as part of a discussion around teacher use of time in the classroom.

Again, the data is meant for one-on-one discussion between the observer and the teacher. It will not be used by NCTL or any other organization. Data will be cleared weekly.